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Art has always been a hobby of mine since a young child. I completed TEE Art in high school, graduating with the top student award. Although I pursued Graphic Design as a career, during my spare time I have continued to paint and draw, experimenting with a variety of mediums.

Clouds and landscapes have always captivated me, especially during my travels. With photography being another one of my hobbies, I draw on my own photos for inspiration and love trying to capture the wonder and beauty of a moment onto a canvas. At times the subject is clear, but I also like to play with the more abstracted play of light, like a vision slightly out of focus. Requiring glasses for long distances and having an astigmatism perhaps at times this is how I view the world.

I think in my works it is obvious I have a love of bold colour, especially my favourite - blue! I paint mostly with oils, however acrylics and watercolour also get pulled out of the draw from time to time.

Please take a browse of my recent works. Click on an image to see the full canvas and view it in more detail. If anything catches your eye contact me for all enquires and commissions.

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