Galluccio Griggs are an accounting practice located in Leederville, Perth, that offer a range of taxation and business services. Established in 1961, the company brand was in desperate need of an overhaul. We wanted to keep the local history and trust associated with the name, yet bring it into the 2010s. 

Initial concepts played with imagery of money and strength, with the idea of a metallic hue in the palette to add some sophistication. The chosen logo began as a spinning coin, and with the addition of some white space and secondary shapes, it took the form a two interlocking letter Gs. The strength in this simple, circular form was always my favourite to represent Galluccio Griggs, and with little persuasion the directors were in agreence. 

Setting the company name in a serif font kept a formal presence, with a more modern, clean 'Futura' to form the rest of the brands copy. The colour palette of silver and teal creates a masculine, slightly luxurious brand, instilling the confidence and excellence the company strives for.


Overall the brand came together beautifully, translating well across print, as well as, web. Location based web imagery further supported the high-end feel, keeping away from generic stock images used by most of their competitors. Silver foiling on the stationary suite is definitely added that extra final touch. 

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Perth, Western Australia