TipBetPro is a website providing betting tips for some of the most popular sports in Australia. Jason, it's owner, wanted a professional looking site, where people could come to see his tips on their favourite sporting competitions. 

The logo and icon were developed primarily for their use on the web. A dynamic, modern font, coupled with the 3D effect in the icon, bring movement and dimension to the brand. A red and black colour palette was chosen for it's links to various sporting codes and to set it apart from more mainstream betting sites. 

A greyscale backdrop of a stadium helps to set the scene, with vector style images applied to a range of page banners and icons for each sport, as well as betting icons representing different bet types. 

The overall look successfully came together in WIX, with the addition of embedded google documents to create seamless information updates. 

View the full website at www.tipbetpro.com

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